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Having one stop shop at your finger tips.

We here to help and we will do everything it takes, so that your company can be best at what it does.

We work around the need of our customer, we know how competitive service industry of oil & gas can get. We know it, because we been in our customer shoes for decades.  Today customer need expertise that can provide safety, quality products and services, while delivering outstanding cost saving. We build our foundation based on the experience and innovation. While this allow us to deliver great quality products at the lower prices, that’s not all. We make sure that no matter the size of the customer we continue to provide great flexibility, because current geopolitical situation and economy effects us all in more then one way.

By choosing us, you will relieve you company from so many restrains and take your business to it’s full potential. Your team and tools will reach increased quality and improved performance.Your clients will see the improvements in no time and management will be astonished by reduced  downtime. When you work in such demanding industry, one must be cost effective and at the same efficiency must be at the top level. That is why you must make growing your business you focal point. Our company realized that we can help our customers to accomplish this tremendous task and improve company focus, while not worrying about risk control and risk mitigation.

CEO of «Caspian Integrated Services» LLP.

Aktaev Kizat Muratovich

I would like to note the professionalism of the staff, the high level of service and loyal pricing.


Novgorodov Ivan Alekseevich

I express my gratitude for the mutually beneficial cooperation and good partnership shown in the supply of equipment

CFO of "Zhigermunayservice" LLP

Kozhakanov Timur

Over the years of our joint work, Epic 380 LLC has only produced and supplied Zhigermunayservice LLP for our company with its highly qualified specialists and a solid team of professionals, but also provided substantial technical and informational support.

CEO of «Imperial Frac Service» LLC.

Zabolotin Alexey Nikolaevich

Professionalism in work, timeliness in the delivery and shipment of equipment, prompt response to customer requirements and readiness to immediately resolve issues.

CEO of "MunaiFieldService" LLP

Koskulakov Arman Kadyrbaevich

A reliable supplier that shipment of equipment in full and on time. Supplied high quality products that have passed all the necessary tests and certification.

At the end of the day we give value to your business by:

  • Providing better project management, take the guessing gave out of your business plan. No longer you will need to spend time and resources to find what you need to return to what is truly important to your business.
  • Getting access to expertise. We will be providing fleet data and communication to you on level that will allow better understanding true potential of your assets and if there is room for improvement. Your success and complete satisfaction is our primary concern.
  • Establishing emergencies response team. Your day to day operations, need to run smoothly to make sure your cash flow is interrupted.  But things do happened and every company once in a while find them self in a situation that they didn’t expected. Situation like that typically require company to throw their best resources to make sure it’s back on track. This creates constrains on daily operations. We can help you to make sure your internal resources continue to work as scheduled while problem is being resolved.
  • Reducing fleet operating costs and reducing head count.  No longer you need to worry and keep track of parts that collecting dust. Some of these parts and tools are expensive making them easy target. With that in mind companies goes great length to make sure these assets are safe and acounted for.
  • Improved resources productivity and having option to redirect resources where your business need the most without burdening your company.
  • Having access to scheduling. At first glance this can be insignificant, but research and experience has shown that regular scheduled check up can significantly prolong the live of your assets. Our team will keep maintenance track of your assets and will be proactively tracking it’s life cycle. Your equipment will be given proper service on time every time.
  • Achieving improved service and user satisfaction.

forward thinking clients

Our work.

If you want to provide more and better services to your clients, at the same time reduce capital investment and increase cash flow. You need to contacts us today, we will help reduce risks and overhead, increase control and get more accurate information on what can be done to do more with less.

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