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Service you can trust, backed by quality you can rely on.

Our suppliers.

low prices lead to unknown suppliers and low quality?

This is biggest miss concept in business. Don’t get us wrong, this is true for companies who don’t care for the future of their customers and entering market just to scalp the profits in short amount of time possible. We at Epic 380 believe this is not the way to success and refuse to operate our business in such manner. Our international and local long lasting relationships have allow us to secure best pricing possible from our suppliers. Our team being servicing oil & gas market since 1979, since then we seen every possible technique and technology out there. Some here to stay and some vanished without the trace, thru this natural evolution our team established extensive list of equipment and tools for any kind of project. This flexibility allow us to make sure we can work with customer budgets of any size, while maintaining quality and meeting requirements. Last but not least, Epic 380 strive to do everything in our part to make sure we operate with top efficiencies, it’s this model that allow us to produce incredible results and maintain our costs to the point where we can pass this savings to our customers thru our flexible pricing.

We looking to expand our suppliers and partners list, if you wish to see your favorite equipment and tools we encourage you to let us know. We willing to work with everyone as long as it benefits the customer.

Ok, low prices is nice and i see nice brands. Can you prove it quality?

We can keep telling you about the our exceptional quality and that everything we do is up to the intentional standards. However, for some this might be just words. So what can we show you to prove it? Beside the fact that you more then welcome to come visit us, all you have to do is use the contact button below, we can not only tell you but also show you that our quality work and services are confirmed by multiple independent and government organizations. We strive to make sure that everything we do meets and exceeds not only customer requirements, but also government expectations around the globe.

this is our incredible team
together we push the boundaries every day

Epic 380

Our company would like to show gratitude to our great team. Many of you have proven thru the years your loyalty and dedication to push the envelope to the next level. Together we continue to achieve impossible, deliver only the best products & services. Keep up the good work and never stop innovating. 

Let us show you what our team can do.

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