Something broken, we can fix it.

Your client want to operate non-stop to maximize their production, not that long ago this was something that most companies only dreamed of. Today, businesses must be flexible and ready for continuous-duty operations. More than ever, today the energy sector is several times smarter and more efficient with their technologies. Due financial, geopolitical and environmental factors every company understands that the key to success is to do more with less.

Listen, we get it. Just like everyone else we try to make our customers happy and we provide outstanding service. All of us trying to deliver best service no matter what time of day it is. Sometimes this means we need to make sure our equipment be ready for continuous-duty.​ This approach lead this market to unprecedented results, but doing more with less comes with a challenges. To be able to do more with less, one’ must understand that the key to success is repairs and preventative maintenance done in timely manner and by qualified personal.

The upkeep of such personal, facilities and tools needed creates significant burden on business, never mind the lost of productivity during most busy production time when something breaks unexpected and the resources needed to fix it asap. But things don’t break always, yet business must have to spend all this money just incase. 

Well this is no longer the case, trust the professionals at Epic 380, who can help you free resources and channel them were it really matters – production.

this is how we can help you.

Top Drive

Rotary seals

Field Services

Electric motors


Control Systems

Custom control panels

Maintenance & Repair

Double ball valves and actuators

Parts & Tools

Our work.

Stop worrying about how to fix it, where to find parts and will this work.

Tell us about your problem and we will take care of it!

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