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Pressure Pumping

Safe. Reliable. Productive. Efficient.

Are you looking to increase your fleet horse power? Whether you are looking for trailer, chassis (truck), skid design we have you covered. Hydraulic fracturing require high pressure. If you using unreliable equipment, high pressure could be very dangerous. That’s why we make sure that safety is never sacrificed and it’s priority number one. Safety and Reliability is key to deliver tools that productive and efficient. These four factors is foundation of services that our Epic 380 team use no matter what we do.

You might ask: “I have options, why should buy your pumps?” Our answer to you: For starters, you are here, because you either already know all your options or you explore them all before you came here. You here because other options don’t satisfy your needs, but that’s about to change. You no longer need to look, you found someone who can help you grow your business.

  • Premium quality
  • Continuous-duty operation
  • Hydraulic or electric driven fan.
  • Increased cooling performance
  • Horizontal or Vertical.
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  • Wired or Wireless
  • Monitors critical functions
  • Provides diagnostic information
  • Reliable and Secure
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  • Audio notification (start/stop/in-progress)
  • Visual notification
  • External gauges for critical parameters
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  • Dedicated storage
  • Easy to access
  • Multiple locations
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  • Intuitive design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick access
  • Reliable components
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  • Build with safety in mind
  • Protecting components
  • Rails and guard for operators
  • Hight light levels for comfortable work during night.
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  • Design for harsh environment
  • Build with resilience in mind
  • Light weight
  • Compact dimensions 
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  • Higher rates
  • Smoother flow
  • Reliable
  • Continuous and intermittent duty
  • High performance

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  • Outstanding reliability
  • Wide range of horsepower
  • Meet the worldwide emissions standards
  • High-performance
  • Built to withstand the harsh environments

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  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electric
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Being hydraulic fracturing operators in the past we know the industry very well. Our equipment is safe, reliable, design to be acceptable for any environment and road conditions. But that’s not all that drives our design, we also understand that different countries have different rules and policies, that’s why we focus on knowing these regulations and making sure our equipment can be used globally. Our FP380 pumps maintaining low profile, optimal width and weight that allow operators to transport pumps on different variety of roads. We are open for dialog and allow customer to have a choose of what type of pumps will work best for their application.

Are you looking for reliability and flexibility, easy to maintain, effective and efficient equipment for optimized resource recovery?
You can keep searching, but remember downtime is costly and equipment dependability is essential.
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We here to tell you: You found it!

We have you covered up to 3000 BHP per pump.

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