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About 40 years ago, one very humble guy in his twenties got him self into the energy sector. Very little did he know, that path lead him to fall in love in oil & gas industry. Thru out these 40 years this guy was able to build outstanding team. Together they build many successful business and completed several projects, some of which were deemed impossible. However over and over, together they were proving everyone that impossible is possible. Fast forward to today, after taking part in multiple roles in different companies and building several great and successful companies, the team ask themselves: What now?

Thus comes the birth of Epic 380. The company that focusing on delivering our customers the right tool for the right job. While some may design solutions based on science, math and theoretical knowledge. We add our experience and practical knowledge to this mix. We know Oil & Gas not just thru the books but thru blood and sweat that we giving to this industry. Our team sucesfully founded several well service companies around the world. So when we say we speak from the experience we mean it. 

We understand what our customers are facing on daily basis and we ready to deliver the tools that will solve these issues.

General Director

Randy Wade Carter

As President / CEO / General Director of several well service companies worldwide, Wade Carter has founded Epic 380 and is focused on transforming oil & gas industry once again. Doing so while staying true to the company original goals. He truly believes that Epic 380 can deliver the tools and technology that can make the life of any well service company around the world easier.

Wade Carter has been in the energy sector for over 40 years. He began his career at Nowsco Well Service Ltd. as Coordinator, since then he was able to achieve great career, for which he been rewarded with medals for incredible achievements in his industry and founded several well service companies. Prior to Epic 380, he founded and managed companies such as Newco / Trican / New Teck Well Service LLC. He enjoys Formula 1, dogs and quality time with his family.

Executive Director

Bogdan James Carter

Bogdan Carter is COO / Executive Director of Epic 380 LLC, fast-growing private companу. 

Bogdan’s role in the company is to foresee day-to-day operations, making sure that company achieves the goals that were passed on by the shareholders and that the company meets the customer expectations.

Bogdan enjoy good conversations with people inside and outside of the company, snowboarding and value his time with his family very deeply. 

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Epic 380

Our company would like to show gratitude to our great team. Many of you have proven thru the years your loyalty and dedication to push the envelope to the next level. Together we continue to achieve impossible, deliver only the best products & services. Keep up the good work and never stop innovating. 

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