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After being in the Oil & Gas industry for well over 30 years we achieved incredible connections with several key suppliers and service providers worldwide. The world is not what it used to be, every day needs of people and business grows exponentially. You no longer have time to do everything yourself and go thru exercise of market research to find one thing that fits the needs. To be able to keep up with the demand and focus on what really matter copmanies need to find suppliers that they can trust and deliver a solution in timely manner that match their requirements and price.


Evolution and progress are the pillars of success, both of which is driven by the demand. However, demand comes from the need and what was needed several years ago, is no longer gets the job needed. That’s why ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer works. To be successful today, we need to use the tools that are sized and build for the purpose. That’s why we listening to our customers needs and provide them with a solution that fits all of their requirements and be economically viable.


Oil & Gas market is full with all kind of companies. Companies are growing and they keep growing their assets. Big companies acquiring new assets and keep old, but old assets need to exceed their performance and keep up with ever growing job difficulties year after year or else they sell them. Small companies can not afford new equipment, that’s why they use what they can get their hands on. Small companies often purchase old or used equipment from the big guys. It’s unfortunate that sometimes this equipment is not up to the standards and in the shape that can keep up to today’s demand. Taking something old and making it new and better is what we do.


More than ever, today the energy sector is several times smarter and more efficient with their technologies. Due financial, geopolitical and environmental factors every company understands that the key to success is to do more with less. This approach lead this market to unprecedented results, but doing more with less comes with a challenges. To be able to do more with less, one’ must understand that the key to success is repairs and preventative maintenance done in timely manner and by qualified personal.


The world is not what it used to be, todays economy consist of all kind of companies small and big. Some have all resources in the world and some have limited, no matter the size of the your firm. There is something in common between all of us, we want to deliver great service or product to the client. Clients demand only the best and todays clients don’t want to wait. So what you do when your resources or knowledge is limited? You find consultant who can help you and your client. Someone who you can trust and can be a team player.

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forward thinking clients

forward thinking clients

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Wade Carter
Wade Carter

General Director

Epic 380 LLC. is a company that dedicated to our customers and its people.

Our core team made its primary mission to make sure that every worldwide customers that we have or contacted us gets delivered only the best solution on the market, given their requirement and budgets.

No matter who you are and what your goals are, each and everyone get treated as if they were our own.

We as a company believe that success comes to those who is open minded and ready to start conversation, capable to adjust to rapid changes and give the solution to the problem or challenge that our customers facing everyday.

Don't be fooled by the age of our company. While some might see us as a new company on the market, out team been dedicated to energy sector and oil & gas industry for over 40 years.

Let us show you what we learned in these 40 years and what we can do to solve your problems that stop you from achieving your greatest potential and success.

The time has come
let us help you achieve your great success today

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